– Get Validation Code – Tim Hortons Survey – You have recently been to Tims and you might be interested in the survey that is conducted by the company. Then you’re in the right place to know about the survey and also the procedure to take part in the survey. - Get Validation Code - Tim Hortons Survey – Tim Hortons Survey

Tims surveys whether they can satisfy the customers or not. What kind of changes do they prefer and preferably to make it more satisfying at their next visit. If you are someone who has something or other to share with the Tims company then you are invited to participate in the survey and win a validation coupon on behalf of the company.

You will be greeted by a coupon code which you can use at your next visit to the Tims and also enjoy by saving money. Now, you might be able to understand the importance of undertaking the survey and winning coupons for your valuable feedback. - Get Validation Code - Tim Hortons Survey Survey Prizes and Rewards

For the completion of the survey and also for your valuable feedback given to the company depending on your previous visit to Tims you must be validated for taking.

the time to share your experience and thoughts. This will help the company discuss how and what changes are required to have a good relationship between the consumers and producers.

So, on the other hand, besides the help, you are providing the company with a prize for you. What is that prize? For the completion of the survey, you will be awarded a validation code which you use on your coming visit to Tims.

About the Tim Hortons Survey

Tims is a restaurant, founded on May 17, 1964, by Tim Horton and Ron Joyce in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Serving in around 4,846 places has a popular name among the population.

Tim Hortons Survey the Terms and Conditions

If you are interested in taking part in the survey then you must be familiar with a few steps of terms and conditions which are guided by the company for all the applicants taking part in the survey.

You must be familiar with the reason and also the prizes that you will receive. So, now you can see the terms and conditions of the survey –

  • You can take part in the survey without purchasing from Tims.
  • The applicants contributed to the survey and also being a helping hand for the first must be legal and legitimate residents of Canada.
  • The age group who are eligible to take part in the survey must be 18 years and older.
  • There are two language preferences for every applicant taking part in the survey. The language choices are English and French, you are required to have preliminary knowledge of any of the languages between the two.
  • A receipt is required during the survey. You must have the receipt which has the invitation code on it.

How to Take Part in the Survey?

Now that you have fulfilled the terms and conditions of the survey. You must follow a few steps to ensure the easy and smooth conduct of the survey. The steps are written down below for your convenience –

  • To begin with, the survey’s first step is to click on the Url link given below –
  • You must have the receipt as addressed to you in the terms and conditions. You will be required to enter the validation code as mentioned on the receipt.
  • Now, you can commence the survey.
  • You have begun with the survey and you need to spare a few minutes to read the questions and answer according to your preferences.
  • Answer the questions honestly and genuinely remembering your last experience at the outlet.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, share your details -phone number, email address, and more.
  • Now click on the submit button to save your responses, be a final applicant in the sweepstakes conducted by the company and get a chance to win prizes.

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Now, that you are aware of the requirements and also know how to take part in the survey. Still, you might want to check and know more about the survey than you can say and get yourself cleared.

Tim Hortons Survey FAQs

  • What kind of service is there in Tims?

Answer – The service is quite good.

  • Whether you will have to spare more than 15 minutes to complete the survey?

Answer – No, you can complete it within 10-15 mins.

  • Age limit to contribute to the survey?

Answer – 18 years and older.

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