Top 10 Online Payment Solutions for freelancers

In this post (Online Payment solutions), I am going to share my experience as a freelancer. I was working as a freelance content writer on a top freelancing site. By that time, I don’t have any awareness about Online Payment Solutions. I just tried it as a trial and got a freelance task on content writing, there my content writing journey has started.

Then on coming to Online Payment Solutions, I don’t even have a banking account. Then I realized that I should open a new account, in order to integrate with Online Payment Solutions like Paypal, Payoneer, etc.

Within a few days, I opened an account on PayPal. Later only I came to know that some countries don’t have PayPal access. So I need to choose some other Online Payment Solutions provider to cover the rest of the countries.

Then I came to know about Payoneer for Online Payment Solutions which is also accepted by major countries but the only drawback is the minimum transaction should be $50.

Later I get to know about some Facebook groups for Content Writers. There I got a few projects from clients, where they didn’t have either Paypal or Payoneer. Again I need to open another Online Payment Solutions service provider. Then, as a result, I had opened many for Online Payment Solutions.

Keep that in mind your Freelancing career should not get affected due to the mode of payment. Try to open all possible sources, no one can predict when and where will you get your next project.

Let’s see the Top 1o Online Payment Solutions for freelancers.

#1. Paypal:

When comes to providing Online Payment Solutions, PayPal stands first and unique because of its top-class performance and it’s updated security factors.

The company was first established in 1998 and currently, the company is working with 18,700 employees serving it’s service to over 100 countries.

Currently, PayPal is having 244 million users worldwide as per the recent report.

The PayPal also supports e-commerce payment gateway function.

For example, if you are running a blogging site or Personal pages, you can integrate PayPal with your sites and accepts payment for selling any physical or digital products or service using a buy button. You can also use to integrate donate function or ask visitors to pay directly using that option for any service.

To open a new account on PayPal click here.

Note: You should have a bank account which supports international Payment service.

#2. Payoneer:

The Payoneer stands 2nd on my list and it’s known for freelance Online payment solutions.

The company was first founded in 2005 having its headquarters on New York.

The Payoneer was used by top freelancing companies to do bulk payments. The Payoneer also supports e-commerce payment gateway.

To open a Payoneer account, click here.

If you refer someone to Payoneer then you both will receive a sum of $25 on completing the first $1000 transaction. 

Note: Similar to PayPal you need to have a bank account which supports international Payment service.

If you already have a bank account then it’s easy to link. You can link many cards with Paypal. 

#3. Stripe:

The Stripe holds 3rd on my list and it’s known for reliable Online payment solutions.

The company was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in the United States. Currently, it is operating with 1000 employees and a revenue of 150 crores USD.

The Stripe is mainly used for Drop shipping business nowadays. It highly supports e-commerce function.

The only drawback is, the usage of a stripe is limited to particular countries and it’s on the development stage.

To open a Stripe account click here

Note: You need to have a bank account which supports international transaction to use a stripe.

#4. Web Money:

The Web Money holds the 4th place on my list of Online Payment Solutions.

It was established in 1998 and it has over 36 million users having its headquarters in Russia. More than 100, 000 stores supports Web Money.

The Web Money highly supports e-commerce function and also suitable for freelancers. The transaction fee is only 0.8%.

To open Stripe account click here

Note: In order to use Web Money, You need to have a bank which supports an international transaction.

#5. Skrill:

The Skrill holds the 4th place on my list of Online Payment Solutions.

The company was first established in 2001 and currently having it’s in the United Kingdom. The Skrill is serving globally with its 700+ employees and revenue of $331 million dollars.

The Skrill is most suitable for freelancers and small business.

To open an account on Skrill, click here.

Note: To use Skrill, you need to link your bank account. 


#6. Payeer:

The Payeer holds 6th on my list of Online Payment Solutions.

The company Payeer was started in 2012.  The site has an API availability so it can be interfaced with your website. The number of users crossed 2.5 million in 2015 and no recent report has been provided.

It needs a lot of promotion to increase the number of users. Nowadays it was rarely used when compared to PayPal.

To open an account on Payeer, Click here

#7. Payza:

The Payza holds 7th in my list of Online Payment Solutions.

With the help of Payza, you can make a transaction to over 190 countries. It has its headquarters located in the United Kingdom.

It also supports e-commerce functionalities and also you can buy and sell bitcoins with them.

To open an account on Payza, click here.


#8. Neteller:

The Neteller holds 8th on my list of Online Payment Solutions.

The company Neteller was first founded in 1999 mainly for online gaming. It was available in 15 languages. As per the 2014 report, the revenue of Neteller is 89.6 million.

To know more interesting things about Neteller please click here. 

To open an account on Neteller, click here.

#9. Western Union:

The Western Union holds 9th on my list of Online Payment Solutions.

The Mode of working is comparatively different for Western Union and also for Moneygram. The seller has to show 10 digit ID with a photo proof to the nearby agencies. After successful completion of the procedure, the money can be obtained from agencies.

The Western Union is one of the oldest company providing Payment solutions and was founded in 1851 and the company has it’s headquarters in the United States and more than 11500 employees are working globally. The worldwide transaction is available.

To open an account on Western Union, click here.


#10. Moneygram:

The Moneygram holds 10th on my list of Online Payment Solutions.

The mode of working for Moneygram is same as Western Union. The Moneygram was founded in 1940 and has its headquarters in the United States.

The Moneygram is available globally.

To open an account on Moneygram, click here

These are the top 10 Online payment solutions for freelancers to the best of my knowledge.

If you want to include cryptocurrency wallets, then you can also use. It was not officially accepted in some countries so I didn’t include that.







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