How to track user activity on website?

How to track user activity on website?

In this post (How to track user activity on website) on bloggerswizard, you will be getting to know website user experience testing and website user behaviour analysis.

It may be any website like an e-commerce store, blogging website or business website, this post will help you to track user activity on website which will abruptly increase your target and revenue.

Aren’t you getting ad clicks or affiliate? Don’t worry, after using this tool you may feel better.

For example, An affiliate links on the bottom won’t return the maximum conversion. So by using this tool, you can do website user behaviour analysis. In return, you will get more conversion by placing ads and links to better places.

Let’s see the name of the name tool and it features and Working.

  • Name of the tool: Hotjar
  • Purpose of the tool: Website user experience testing and website user behaviour analysis.
  • Type of the tool: Record the actions performed visitors.
  • Pricing details: Free forever for 2000 pageviews per day. For more than 2000 page views per day, you can upgrade paid plan which starts from $29 per month. There were also different plan for business and agency.

Click here to see the complete pricing details.

How to track user activity on website

How to use Hotjar: 

Step 1: 

Go to hotjar and do a simple sign up.

(Note I am not affiliated with Hotjar. I am just writing my own experience)

Step 2: 

Add your website and verify your website. They provide you with a javascript code and you need to copy that javascript code in your website. It’s similar to placing Adsense code. After placing the code, refresh the page and you can get a message “Successfully Verified” if everything was done correctly.

How to place Code: 

  • Copy the javascript code which was provided by hotjar.
  • Open your editor and paste the code anywhere between the head tags. If you are using WordPress CMS you can do this by the following command. Open WordPress > Appearance > Editor > Find Header dot PHP file > Place the code anywhere between Head tags. If you are using Custom coded website using any other programming languages then paste this code on a source file.
  • Don’t forget to click update button after placing the code.

Step 3:

Wait for one day. If your website is new, then share it on social media. Don’t insist someone to visit forcefully. That won’t help you tracking user behavior on website.

Step 4:

The next day you can able to see the recorded videos. The action performed by each and every visitor has been recorded. You should watch each and every video and track user activity on website.

That’s all the process of tracking user behavior on website using hotjar.

What type of website need this website user behaviour analysis tool?

Type of Websites which need this tool:

  1. E-commerce website.
  2. Dropshipping website.
  3. Blogging website.

Type of websites which don’t need this tool: 

  1. Portfolio websites.
  2. A website which accepts custom offers.
  3. A simple business page
  4. A website displaying CV

How this tool would help you to increase your growth?

  1. You can optimize the website after analyzing the user experience. For example, If users are not interested in a particular post, you can alter that one or better remove that post. By doing this action, you can reduce your website’s bounce rate.
  2. You can improve the sales by placing a buy now button at catchy places on a website.
  3. You can improve your website’s overall performance and SEO.
  4. If you are displaying ads, you can improve ad clicks by optimizing the Website.

Once more interesting thing is, you can add many websites on a single account so you can control all websites on a single dashboard.

Start using this tool and increase your growth.

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