How to start a video game blog

How to start a video game blog in 2021: (A Step-by-step guide)

Gaming industry has been growing rapidly like a forest fire and it would be the right time to make some quick money through video gaming industry. Starting a video game blog would be one of the best choice to make money from your favorite game. Here is a simple intro and step-by-step guide on how to start a video game blog with super easy steps.

Starting  a video game blog is pretty simple and easy in this 21st century. This post has been curated exclusively on How to start a video game blog.

Those are the days, where you need to hire a developer/technology geeks and need to speed tons and tons of money to start a simple flash website but after the appearance of CMS (Content Management System) and Website Builders everything has been simplied to meet the needs of a normal person.

The method I am going to show doesn’t require even a single line of coding or programming knowledge. Its high time to thank the direct and indirect contributors behind popular content management systems and website builders.

Let us see how to start a video game blog.

Introduction about the basic requirements

In order to start any blog or a website, two basic things are needed. Domain and Hosting.

Domains are classified into two types.

  • Main Domain or Custom Domain
  • Sub-Domains

Main Domains or Custom Domains

The main domains are usually a professional one and here is the example of one such main domain.

Here in main domains or custom domains, there are so many top level domains and extensions.

Let me list few here.

Top Level Domains – .com, .org, .net  (Best and Recommended for Online Business)

Country Code Top Level Domain – .us, .ca, .uk, .in, ae, au (Best for local service and audience in specific country only)

The custom domains are usually a paid one but hosting companies like bluehost give you a free custom domain  on purchase of a hosting service.


Sub-domains are a part of a main domain but search engines consider it as a separate domain. The  sub-domains are usually free and looks like the following.

maindomain. com (This is a main domain domain)

ricksblogs.maindomain. com (This is a sub-domain)

One can create as many sub-domains but the number is directly proportional to the server specification.

This is why the popular blogging sites like tumblr, blogger are able to offer free domains. (Note: They have a big server even a data center that’s why they are able to provide unlimited free sub-domains.)

Which one should I choose, Custom Domain or Sub-Domain?

Well, the answer depends on the individual perspective and requirements but I recommend you start a video game blog with custom domain as you get more benefits in long run and also interms of monetisation.

Custom domain names

  • You will have full control over your data and files.
  • No chances for for your website files to get blocked.
  • Monetisation can be done in multiple ways.
  • Higher resale value.

Free Sub-domains 

  • No access to files and data.
  • As you are using third party service, no one knows when they will stop their service.
  • Monetisation is literally difficult.
  • Limited resale value and even zero.


A hosting is a thing which makes your website live to public audiences and hosting server is connected to stable internet and power supply all the time.

There are different types of hosting packages each and every hosting service provider offer.

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Dedicated Server
  • Custom Servers

Initially, a shared hosting server is enough for a blog to get started. If you want to run high end applications or multiple websites or blogs, then you can consider purchasing a dedicated server or VPS.

Buying a domain name and hosting

Here are the steps to buy the hosting and domain name from bluehost.

Step 1: Starting with bluehost

On the bluehost, find the get started button.


How to start a video game blog using bluehost
source: bluehost


Step 2: Selecting a hosting package

Choosing a hosting package in bluehost for starting a video game blog
source: bluehost

For beginners, the basic package is more than enough but if you have plans to start few more websites, you can go with choice plus or pro package.

Step 3: Choosing a domain name


After selecting the package, you would be redirected to the following screen where you can choose your domain name. The regular domain names is free here as you are going to buy hosting. (Only applicable for new clients)

I recommend you to go with dot com domain extension. The second preference can be given to .net or cctld.


Choosing a domain name in bluhost for starting a video game blog
source: bluehost


If the domain name that you need is available, you would get a message as available. If the domain name that you need is unavailable, you would get an error message as unavailable. Try with some other name or try changing the alternate words.


Step 4: Billing and payment on bluehost

In the package extras, include the domain privacy protection. You may get spam calls, from the website development companies if you didn’t include domain privacy protection.

Rest of the package extras are not needed.

Billing and Payment in bluehost
source: bluehost


Choosing a flexible CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) plays a major role in running a business blog or websites. There are currently limited CMS that are available in the market.

The following are the popular CMS that are currently available in the market.

  • WordPress (Recommend because of extendable features)
  • Ghost (Currently under limited features)
  • Drupal (Limited features)
  • Joomla (Limited features)
  • Weebly  (Not economical and limited features)

Here in this tutorial, I am going to use wordpress because of extendable functions and features and in fact a high percentage of world websites are running under wordpress CMS.

Installing WordPress CMS


On the homepage of your hosting account you can find the C-panel under Advanced.

Installing WordPress CMS in Bluehost Cpanel
source: bluehost


Click Cpanel. You can get the following screen.

Cpanel in bluehost for installing scripts
source: bluehost


Scroll down to find the Softaculous Apps Installer and click the same.

Softaculous Apps Installer in Bluehost
source: bluehost

Next you can install the world best CMS i.e WordPress. (You can access number of CMS and other scripts through softaculous apps installer.)

Find wordpress using the search and click the same.

Wordpress script in softaculous Apps Installer bluehost
source: bluehost


Hit the Install Now button.

For Version: Always select the latest version.

Wordpress installation in Bluehost
source: bluehost


Usernames cannot be altered but you can create another user and delete the existing user.

Password should be strong with multiple characters and symbols.

Just create an admin id for administration purpose. You can have business emails something like

[email protected] yourdomainname . com

Admin details for wordpress installation
source: bluehost


Don’t touch rest of the options and directly click install. Within a few minutes you can access your WordPress dashboard.

Now you can type the domain name in the browser and  the default theme has been installed on your CMS by default.

Now is the time for customization.

Choosing a strategy and motto

Before getting into CMS customization or adding themes, plugins decide the following things.

  • Are you going to run a news type blog or tips and trick like informational blog?
  • Are you doing this as a hobby or expecting some revenue monthly?

Let me explain the above questions.

Discussing the pros and cons of first question.

For News type blog

If you are going to run a news type blog, then you may need to publish contents frequently. The main drawback on news blog is the content may be a useless one after a certain period.

For example, Lets say you are going to publish a content on the arrival of PSP 6.

The trend on the PSP 6 would be there only for a few days but you can get a bulk traffic if you rank a keyword on search engines during the trend. News blogs take more effort and time to get popular.

For info blogs

The info blogs behave exactly opposite to the news blogs. The main advantage of writing info blog is the website owner can benefit from a single content for a longer period of time as the contents are evergreen, there would a trend for several years.

For example, Lets say you are going to write a content on

  • how to choose a perfect video gaming console?
  • 20 tips to become a gaming pro 

The immediate above two topics are evergreen and there would be a trend for several years.

Discussing the pros and cons of second question

Blogging as a hobby 

If you are working on it as a hobby and not expecting any return, then there is no need on analyzing the monetary value.

Blogging as a business

If you are expecting something in return, then you may need to find the best ways to monetize your blog. Here I am listing the best ways to monetize a video game blog.

  • Third-party advertising network (Adsense,, Propeller ads)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Maxbounty, Clickbank, Amazon affiliates)
  • Selling ad space on your blog. (BuySellAds)
  • Charging for guest post contribution.
  • Offering a service.

Practically, there are many ways to monetize a blog. Be creative and implement the same.

Choosing and Installing a theme

Choosing a theme is not a difficult task. WordPress allows you to access unlimited themes that are currently available in their theme directory.

On you WordPress dashboard follow this command.

Appearance > Themes > Add New > Search a theme > Select a Theme > Install

Every themes that are listed on the WordPress theme directory can be accessed at a free of cost. Few themes are paid only for the addons.

I recommend starting your blog with Astra or Generatepress. Both of them have a free version and paid version.

There are marketplace exclusively available for themes and plugins where you can purchase a premium theme. I am listing few of the best marketplace that are available currently.

  • Envato Elements
  • Themeforest
  • Colorlib
  • My theme shop

Uploading a theme in WordPress


If you want a custom theme created, you can hire a developer and upload the zip file here. There is no need for a custom theme as you can get a highly optimised theme for a few bucks.

There is an another option to implement your ideas on your mind with the help of theme builders and page builders.

  • Divi
  • Thrive Themes
  • Studiopress – Genesis framework
  • Elementor

Any one from the above four is more than enough to implement yout ideas on your mind. They are definitely worth to buy.

I am saying again, initially you don’t need the above premium themes if you are working on a budget. Once you started to earn money from your blog, you can consider purchasing a premium themes.

Choosing and Installing Plugins

Plugins are the addon that lets you to extend the functionalities of your CMS.

Likewise themes, wordpress allows you to access the unlimited plugins from their plugins directory.

To install a plugin follow this command on your wordpress dashboard.

Plugins > Add New > Search a Plugin > Install

Likewise theme marketplace, the premium plugins can also be bought from plugin marketplace.

The following are the best plugin marketplace that are currently avaialable.

  • Codecanyon
  • Envato Elements

Uploading a plugin zip file on WordPress


Custom plugins can also be uploaded here.

Here I am listing the basic plugins to start a video game blog. 

Contact form 7

This is one of the highly needed plugin used a medium for your visitors to connect you. Don’t blindly display your email ID on your contact us page.

Doing so can lead you get spam mails to your id. The main aim of the contact form 7 is to avoid getting spam emails.


Akismet is spam prevention plugin for contact form and comment spammers.

Akismet has a huge database of spam and ultimately prevents the spam and malicious links on your blog. The Akismet checks the spam and filter it automatically.

MiniOrange 2 Factor Authentication

You guys already know the importance of 2 Factor Authentication and the same is also applicable for websites. The instructions are available in the plugin settings. It hardly takes you 2 minutes to setup the Miniorange 2 Factor Authentication.

It can be configured with Google Authenticator and even using Ledger Nano S.


Smush is plugin used for compressing the Image without losing its quality.

Image compression is one of the main criteria in optimizing the website speed. Smush automatically does the compression task whenever you uploads an Image.

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is an interesting plugin for Search Engine Optimization.

I don’t recommend Yoast as you can use only one keyword on Yoast but in rank math everything is free of cost and in fact few of the features are interesting when compared to Yoast for SEO.

If you are using affiliate links then use the following plugin.


Prettylinks is a affiliate link cloacking plugin used to track the number of clicks appearing on your affiliate links. The main aim of this plugin is to trick the google eyes from considering your affiliate links as a normal links.

The plugins that I have listed are more than enough for starting a video game blog.

If you increase the number of plugins on your wordpress CMS, it can highly affect the website loading time.

Content Ideas for starting a video game blog

So, I have made some research on content ideas for a video game blog so if you are searching, what to write on a video game blog this would be helpful for you.

  • You can write about the arrival of new games and gaming reviews.
  • You can write about the tips and tricks to play a specific game.
  • You can write about the gaming accessories and its reviews.
  • You can write about the tops games for kids, adults, girls and so on.

Market trends for a video gaming industry

According to mordor Intelligence, the video gaming industry is expected to increase 256 billion by 2025 from the current value of 152 billion (2020).


The core strength of the video gaming industry is the booming of online multiplayer games and live streaming services. People are crazy over the games as there is an opportunity to create a fanbase. Gamers are now considered to be equivalent to cinema and sports celebrities.


The pricing of the gaming requirements are extremely high especially for Asian and African countries because of their GDP and economy. So the top tech giants should have a basic pricing package that suits developing countries.


There should be more local manufacturers so that they can offer competitive pricing. Some companies are offering the full time job for gamers and the compensation was really good when compared to some other roles.


The main threat for the gaming industry are the hackers who destroying the gaming spirit. Its sad to hear that the game developers are one who is providing the script to hackers for the sake of money.

Tools and Websites that can be helpful for blogging

The following are some of the interesting tools that can help you to get better results on your blog.

For Search Engine Optimisation


When comes to keywords research, ubersuggest is the only freemium tool that shows important parameters like volume, Seo Difficulty, Paid Difficulty, CPC at a free of cost for upto 5 keywords per day. They have a premium version for those who have a minimal budget.


Semrush is the beast when comes to search engine optimsation and Keyword Research. Top enterprise companies are using semrush for their business websites and blogs. Sadly, they don’t offer freemium version but investing on semrush is definitely worth.


Ahref is known for backlink analysis and they have the huge database of domains. Sadly, Ahrefs too doesn’t offer a freemium version for keywords research. You can check backlinks of any domains at a free of cost and that’s to limited to 10 backlinks per domain.

For copyright free images

You can get copyright free high resolution images from the following sites.

  • Pexels (I personally use this)
  • Pixabay
  • freeimages
  • Unsplash

You don’t really need to learn photoshop or coreldraw to create a banner or logo. Just check the below site to create amazing designs using simple drag and drop.


Canva is the best designing tool for noobies. They have a wide templates to create banners, covers, logos, favicons, facebook banner, youtube thumbnails and so on.

To hire freelancers

At some stage, you may need to hire freelancers if you don’t have enough time to work on your own. You can always have option to outsource the tasks.


Fiverr is one of the best marketplace connecting recruiters and freelancers. To be frank, for 5 USD you can get most of your jobs done. There is no way for a scam as you are going to approve only after the right work has been done as quoted.

Hope you like this blog post on how to start a video game blog. If you have any doubts in starting a video game blog, you can connect me through contact us page.

Top Video Game blogs examples

Here I am sharing you the examples of popular and top trending video game blog. You can use visit these blogs to get some real time knowledge on the same.

Starting a video game blog – FAQS


1. How much does it cost to start a video game blog?

It depends on several things like type of hosting, brand popularity of the digital things that you need, theme type, and so on. To keep it simple, I am listing out the basic things.

  • Hosting – Around 60 USD per year for shared hosting.
  • Domain – (Free with one with year hosting plan on bluehost)

2. Where can I get content ideas for video game blog?

Find the top website in gaming niche or check the above list of popular gaming blog sites, that I’ve listed above. Get a industry leading tools like Semrush, and analyze these sites one by one. From that sort out the low competition keywords, and make a blog post on those keywords.

3. How many days it would take for a video game blog to grow?

There is no fixed or proven answer for these type of question. If you do everything correctly, you should start getting traffic decent from 3rd month. For extremely low competition keywords, you can expect traffic from even 1st month itself.

4. Can I start a video game blog with some other CMS?

No, I don’t recommend any CMS other than WordPress. I’ve personally tested Ghost, Blogspot, Wix, Weebly and to be frank WordPress seems to be the best and bug-free.

5. Can I start a video game blog to promote gaming offers and deals?

Yes, you can do it. Find an interesting gaming offer, and try to promote it on your blog through SEO.