How to start a sewing blog

How to start a sewing blog in 2021 and Make Money

Starting a sewing blog is a great way to teach stitching and also make money through different monetization programs. This blog post on how to start a sewing blog has been written exclusively to meet the sewing blog needs.

With the availability of interesting theme builders and site builders, the process of creating an attractive webpage has been simplified and any newbie can do this task. Even you don’t have any idea about programming, you can still make a beautiful website. All credits go to WordPress and its contributors.

Let us see how to start a sewing blog from scratch.

Requirements for starting a sewing blog

The basic requirements for starting a sewing blog are a domain name and a hosting server.

A Domain Name

A domain name is a digital address for your sewing blog or a website.

Domain names are available in different extensions. The commonly used domain name extensions are .com, .net, .org, .info, and other country code domain extensions like .us, .uk, .ae, .in. You can also have domain extension like .store, .website, .online, .co and so on.

Try here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻and explore the different extensions.


A hosting server

A hosting server is one that stores all your blog or website files, make your blog public, and connected to stable internet access all the time.

There are different types of hosting servers that are available.

  • Shared hosting server
  • Virtual private server (VPS)
  • Dedicated server
  • Custom server

For starting a sewing blog a shared hosting server from the Bluehost hosting service is enough. A $20 worth domain name is free for first-time buyers.

(Note: Bluehost is the industry-leading hosting service provider recommended by WordPress CMS. They have a 24/7 chat support that provides you with high-quality support and that’s too for free.)

Getting a hosting and a domain name from Bluehost

Just follow the steps, side by side and you will have a live blog within 15 minutes.

Step 1: Starting with Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best and industry-leading hosting service provider with proven results in web hosting solutions. Around 2 million domains are hosted at Bluehost.

Click here to go to Bluehost, and then click the get started button.

How to Start a seewing blog with bluehost
Source: Bluehost

Step 2: Choosing a hosting plan

Now you should be on the package and pricing page where you can see different web hosting plans. Now it’s up to you on choosing a basic or choice plus or pro plan. If you want to host multiple websites/blogs consider selecting the pro plan or else go with the basic where you can host only one website.

I suggest newbies concentrate on a single blog and work on scale-up the same rather than opening multiple blogs at the same time.


Choosing a hosting package in bluehost for starting a sewing blog
Source: Bluehost

Step 3: Finding a good domain name

Now you should be on the domain name availability checker page. Try finding a perfect domain name for starting your sewing blog.

(Note: Give first preference to .com domain extension)

Picking a perfect domain name on bluehost for starting a sewing blog
Source: Bluehost

Step 4: Package Extras, Billing, and Payment

Now you should be on the billing and payment page. On the package extras, select the domain name privacy without fail otherwise you might get spam calls from website development companies and digital marketing companies. The remaining package extras aren’t necessary.

Billing and Payment in bluehost for starting a sewing blog
Source: Bluehost

Choosing a Content Management System

Choosing the right content management system is the most important thing when comes to blogging. A good CMS can help you to simplify the publishing task and so you can concentrate only on your content part and promotion part.

The best content management system is WordPress as it has a lot of features (especially plugins) and best companion for bloggers, authors, publishers, editors, and so on. Even the top news websites and corporates are preferring WordPress because of its user-friendliness and management friendly system.

There are few other content management systems but nothing can come close to WordPress.

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Ghost
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Of course, here in this guide, I am using WordPress CMS for providing guidance on how to start a  sewing blog.

Setup a WordPress CMS for a sewing blog

Hope you should’ve purchased the Bluehost shared hosting by now as we discussed earlier on how to purchase shared hosting from the Bluehost hosting service provider.

On the homepage of your Bluehost hosting account, you can find the Cpanel under the advanced category. Click that Cpanel to set up a WordPress CMS for starting a sewing blog.

Installing WordPress CMS in Bluehost Cpanel to start a sewing blog or website
Source: Bluehost

Now find the softaculous apps installer to configure the WordPress script.

Cpanel in bluehost for installing wordpress for starting a sewing blog
Source: Bluehost


Softaculous Apps Installer in Bluehost for installing wordpress to start a sewing blog
Source: Bluehost

Softaculous Apps Installer comprises top open-source scripts that can be directly installed from it thereby eliminating the difficult steps like manually downloading the scripts from the official portal, using the FTP to upload the files to the server, creating and connecting the database, and so on.

Click Softaculous Apps Installer and find WordPress.

Wordpress script in softaculous Apps Installer bluehost for starting a sewing blog
Source: Bluehost

Follow the upcoming screenshots and complete the installation process.

Wordpress installation in Bluehost to start a sewing blog
Source: Bluehost
Admin details for wordpress installation for How to start a sewing blog
Source: Bluehost

The installation process can take upto 2 minutes.

Choosing your strategy and goal

If you expect something in return from your blog then it’s wise to choose a proper strategy and a goal.

Figure out the following.

  • Do you know who is your target audience? If not, kindly do work on this.
  • Do you have the patience to work on your blog? If not, watch some motivational videos and read the top blog on your expertise.
  • Do you have enough knowledge about sewing? If not, you can learn side by side.
  • Do you have any prior experience in sewing? If not, firstly work on sewing a small piece. There would be no meaning if you write about sewing without touching a sewing machine for at least one time.

Coming on to a Strategy & vision, you may need to figure out the following things.

  • How many blog posts can you publish per month? It’s good to publish at least one blog per week.
  • Can you publish blog posts consistently? Consistent is the key factor in blogging and vlogging. If you publish 5 blog posts now and 6nd blog post after 6 months, then you can’t build a loyal audience. Fix a particular day like Sunday morning at 11 am and follow the same.
  • What is your monetization strategy to make money from your sewing blog? You can use Adsense, Affiliate programs, Sell your own products and ebooks, do dropshipping with your blog, sell ad space, and so on. These things either need targeted traffic or high traffic.

(Note: Even if you publish one blog post per week, you will have a successful and profitable blog within a year.)

WordPress theme installation

WordPress has an inbuilt feature called themes that can be installed directly from your WordPress dashboard using simple mouse clicks.

The themes that are listed on the WordPress theme installation directory are completely free of cost though there are some themes where you may need to buy their pro pack to access the complete features but still you can use those themes with limited features.

To install a theme from wordpress directory,

Appearance > Themes > Add New > Search a theme > Select a Theme > Install

Uploading a theme in WordPress for starting a sewing blog
Source: Bloggerswizard

To upload a theme via zip file,

Appearance > Themes > Add New >upload> Install > Activate

The following are the WordPress themes that are optimized for better performance and loading time.

  • Astra 
  • Generatepress
  • OceanWp
  • Schema

If you want an interesting theme with a specific layout then consider checking the premium theme marketplace. These are the third party theme providers and not affiliated with WordPress.

There is another option to transform the design ideas on your mind to your sewing blog i.e, theme builders, and page builders. (Worthy try)

WordPress Plugin Installation

The plugins on WordPress are like an addon to increase the feature and functionalities using the mouse clicks.

Like themes, there are free and premium plugins on WordPress.

To install a plugin from wordpress plugin directory,

Plugins > Add New > Search a Plugin > Install

Uploading a plugin zip file on WordPress for a sewing blog
Source: Bloggerswizard

To install a premium plugin and any plugin from third party sites,

Plugins > Add New > upload (Zip file)> Install

Here are some much needed plugins for starting a sewing blog.

  1. Contact form 7 –  Plugin to create a contact form.
  2. Akismet – Spam and bot prevention plugin on contact forms.
  3. MiniOrange – 2 Factor authentication plugin.
  4. Smush – Plugin to compress the image size.
  5. Rank Math – Search Engine Optimisation plugin.

Content ideas for starting a sewing blog

  • Sewing tips and tricks
  • Best sewing patterns
  • Review different sewing needs
  • Best places to buy sewing accessories
  • Your sewing business if applicable

Market Trends for a Sewing Industry

According to technavio, the global sewing machine market is expected to grow 11.96 billion USD by 2024 with a CAGR of 4%.


  • Availability of different resources and pattern lists.
  • Sewing machines can print different sewing patterns.
  • Availability of cheap and mini sewing machines.


  • The traditional method of  sewing is getting saturated and this is all because people are preferring the readymade braded shirts and suits rather than tailored dresses.


  • Opportunities are found especially in teaching the sewing. Blogs & Vlogs play a major role in transforming the ideas from tutor to their fans.
  • People are searching for ebooks & courses on sewing and definitely there is a market for aspirants.


    • Industrial automation is a real threat not only in sewing but also on other field. This could be a real trouble after 5 or 10 years.

Useful tools for blogging

For core marketing

  • Ubersuggest
  • Semrush (Recommended)
  • Ahrefs

For Copy right free Images

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Freeimages
  • Unsplash

For micro tasks and helps

I hope you’ve got some idea on how to start a sewing blog. If you’ve any doubts or further clarification related to starting a sewing blog, ping me through contact us page or comment below.


FAQS on how to start a sewing blog


How much does it cost to start a sewing blog?

You can start a sewing blog with less than 70 USD/year. For this amount, you’ll get a free domain name, one year web-hosting, and a control panel on Bluehost.

How much hours or days it will take to start a sewing blog?

It takes only 10 minutes to make a live. Only simply mouse clicks.