How to start a football blog

How to start a football blog in 2021 [Quick Guide]

Starting a football blog is not a hard task and anyone with a basic computer knowledge can start a blog within a few minutes. This post has been exclusively made on for “how to start a football blog”.

Before 15 years, starting a football blog or website was not a simple task for an average person and it was not an economical one too. But after the invention of content management systems like wordpress, the process has been simplied and economical to meet the requirements of a normal person.

The major credit goes to the direct and indirect contributors for wordpress. Without their efforts and hardworks, it was not possible at all.

The method that we are going to see doesn’t need a single line of programming knowledge.

Let jump directly into the process on How to start a football blog.

Introduction about the basic needs for starting a football blog

For starting a football blog, two basic things are needed.

  • A hosting server
  • A domain Name

A hosting server is the one which stores all the websites files and connected to power supply and internet all the time so that your website would be available for everyone.

Different types of hosting servers

The hosting servers are available in different specifications.

  • Shared hosting server
  • Virtual private server (VPS)
  • Dedicated server
  • Custom server

For starting a football blog, shared hosting server is enough.

Domain Name

Each and every hosting servers have a thing called IP address in which the domains are mapped. There is also an option to host a website using an IP address but it has certain drawbacks and not recommended for a business websites and blogs to get hosting using only with the IP address.

Where IP hosting is applicable?

If you have team that needs an access to a custom softwares like in house CRM, there IP hosting can be adopted. This can minimize the domain charges and no more benefits.

The domain names are available in different extensions.

TLD (Top Level Domain) 

The top level domains are usually used for international audience. .com, .org, .net, .info are the few examples of top level domain.


ccTLD (Country code Top Level Domain)

The ccTLD are usually used for services/products only within a specific country. .us, uk, .in, .ae, .au and so on.


(I personally recommend to go with .com for starting a football blog)

Buying a hosting server and a domain

I prefer to buy hosting from bluehost, as they are recommeded by wordpress officially. One more thing, regular domain name is free for the first time users on purchase of any hosting.



Step 1: Get started with bluehost

Find the get started button, here.

How to start a football blog using Bluehost
source: bluehost

Step 2: Selecting a suitable package

Choosing a hosting package in bluehost for starting a football blog
source: bluehost

To start a foot blog or any other blogging site basic package is enough but only one domain can be hosting. If you choose, choice plus plan multiple domains can be hosted on a single package.

If anyone on your family or any of your friends needs a blog/website, on choosing the choice plus package, you can share it with your friends and family members.

Step 3: Search a domain for starting a football blog

You should get the following screen after selecting a hosting package.

Searching a domain name on bluehost for starting a football blog
source: bluehost

Try to find a domain name with different word combinations, if the particular domain name is unavailable.

Step 4: Addons and payment in bluehost

On the package extras section, don’t forget to choose the domain privacy. You end up getting spam calls from website development and marketing companies, if you fail to select the domain privacy option.

Billing and Payment in bluehost for starting a football blog
source: bluehost

Bluehost provides 24/7 support so you can reach them anytime to clear your problems on hosting.

Working with CMS

A CMS (Content management system) is the one that makes your blog posting process, sweet and simple.

There are only limited CMS that are available currently.

  • WordPress (Top world websites and blogs are running on wordpress CMS, Highly recommended)
  • Ghost (Open source, Limited functions and contributors, Recent to market)
  • Drupal (Limited functions, Dropped script)
  • Joomla (Limited functions, Dropped script)
  • Weebly  (Limited functions and a paid one)

In this module, I am going to use WordPress CMS because we have unlimited plugins and themes to meet most of our needs. You can complete nearly 100% of your task by using the free plugins and themes that are provided by wordpress contributors.

Installation process of WordPress CMS

On your bluehost hosting homepage, find the C-panel under the advanced category.

Installing WordPress CMS in Bluehost Cpanel to start a football blog or website
source: bluehost

You should see the following screen now.

Cpanel in bluehost for installing wordpress for starting a football blog
source: bluehost

Search for softaculous apps installer.

Softaculous Apps Installer in Bluehost for installing wordpress to start a football blog
source: bluehost

The softaculous apps installer is a directory of popular open source scripts that helps to install a required script with a simple mouse clicks.

You can find the wordpress CMS script under the softaculous apps installer.

Wordpress script in softaculous Apps Installer bluehost for starting a football blog
source: bluehost
Wordpress installation in Bluehost to start a football blog
source: bluehost

Proceed with latest version.
source: bluehost

It might take 1 or 2 minutes for the wordpress script to get installed.

You should now able to access the wordpress dashboard.

Now is time for designing and customization.

Fixing a goal and vision

My first few blogs failed as I didn’t keep a perfect goal and vision. So choose a perfect goal and find the ways to achieve it.

Here are the things you may need to get familiar with.

  • Before starting a football blog, you should have some idea on who is your target audience. (If you write a blog post related to football, and sharing on irrelavant group then there is no benefit.)
  •  You should have some knowledge on football game and some idea about the top players and ratings.
  • You should be familiar with the monetisation strategies.
  • Lastly, the main thing is being consistent. (For example, if you publish a first post now and third post after 6 months, again there is no use on blogging.)

Posting one blog post a week more than good rather posting randomly without following intervals. The main success for television series and reality shows are, they telecast the show following a same schedule.

Selecting with themes

WordPress has a repository of free themes that are developed by various contributors. Definitely, wordpress can meet all your requirements theme wise.

There are premium theme builders and page builders, that can help you to achieve the desgins and layout on your mind.

Top theme builders/page builders

  • Divi
  • Thrive
  • Elementor
  • Genesis

Top ready made themes

Note: I am using astra on this site, bloggerswizard.


The above mentioned themes are light weight and highly optimised to meet the search engine needs.

To install a theme from wordpress repository,

Appearance > Themes > Add New > Search a theme > Select a Theme > Install

Uploading a theme in WordPress for starting a football blog
source: bloggerswizard

There is an option to upload the theme via zip file.

Appearance > Themes > Add New >upload> Install > Activate

You can still hire a developer and handcraft a custom theme.(Not recommended)

Selecting with plugins

If you need a certain features, you can try searching for the same via plugins directory. WordPress has a repository collection of plugins for different purposes.

To add a plugin, first you need to install the plugin.

Plugins > Add New > Search a Plugin > Install

Uploading a plugin zip file on WordPress for a football blog
source: bloggerswizard

To upload a zip file (Zip files can be downloaded from the plugin’s official site),

Plugins > Add New > upload > Install

Few important plugins that should be installed ASAP after wordpress CMS installation.

Contact form 7

Contact form creates a bridge between the potential visitors and a website owner/administrator. A potential visitor can connect the website owner by filling the contact details. This was the most important plugin that helps to create a network with co-bloggers and learners.

You may get requests for business inquiry and guest posts, so don’t ignore this plugin.

There are so many free and premium alternatives, but I have chosen this as it was a standard plugin with regular updates.


Spammers and scammers are the real trouble in this industry. Akismet is a top spam and scam prevention plugin for wordpress. They maintain a big database of websites and so they alert other users and block the malicious links and spam comments if the spam or scam has been reported globally on any wordpress websites.

MiniOrange 2 Factor Authentication

I hope you guys are familiar with the 2FA and many of you have been using it for whatsapp. The same privacy settings can be implemented for wordpress CMS using a plugin called MiniOrange 2 Factor Authentication. There are different authentication tools to setup this plugin like Google Authenticator, Authy and so on.


The image optimization plays a major role in loading time of the website and ultimately loading time search engine ranking signal. Smush is an automatic image compression plugin for wordpress CMS and it takes care of the image compression for all the media files like .jpeg and .png.

Rank Math

Rank Math is a plugin for search engine optimisation and it helps bloggers to work posts/pages that can be improved to meet the higher search engine ranking.

Rank Math Plugin for a football blog
source: bloggerswizard


Prettylinks is an affiliate link management plugin for monetising your website using affiliate programs. This plugin also prevent the link as an affiliate link from search engine eyes and pass the link juice. There are some other benefits like easy tracking, easy replacing and easy link insertion.

Content Ideas for a football blog

To simplify your tasks for on starting a football blog, I am including some content ideas that you can adopt.

  • You can review about the arrival of new football accessories.
  • You can include the tips and tricks to play a perfect football shot.
  • You can write review about the different football brands and include affiliate links.
  • You can write about the match stats and commentary.
  • You can predict your team for fantasy football leagues.

Market trends for a football industry

According to torrens, the current value of the football industry is 250 billion USD and Europe is the leading continent having higher craze on football.


The major strength of the football industry is the huge follower base and people are craze over football tournaments and matches. In addition to this, the fantasy football legaues take this to next level. People are really craze over the favorite team. The craze is at the peak especially during the world cup sessions.


Still the football is not popular in the asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Afghanistan and few other countries. It can only be improved by conducting asian cup tournament similar to cricket. Hope the situation is expected to change within next 10 years.


There is good scope for revenue in this industry. Starting from jerseys to fifa games there is a high thirst especially in european countries. Messi Jersey itself sold for than million pieces all over the world. Definitely, interms of blogging we can expect more.


The match fixing is still taking place in some part  and it could be an important threat. The punishments should be made strict and players who are involving in the match fixing should be permanently banned. If this has been corrected, this industry would be a real gem.

Some interesting tools for blogging

The following are optional but using these tools can give better results and improve productivity.

For search engine marketing

In order to rank your url on the top search engines like google, bing you may need to work on profitable keywords and backlink analysis. The following search engine marketing tools could be really helpful for your blogging mission.


This was the only tool that is offering 5 free searches per day. This tools shows the volume, cpc, paid difficulty and Seo Difficulty. For a newbie this tool is more than enough to kickstart.


Semrush is the industry leading tool for search engine marketing and search engine optimisation. There is free trial of freemium version on semrush. This tool shows each and every requirements for a domain.

You can get your money back, if you cancel within 7 days from your payment.



For copyright free stock photos

You may need high resolution copyright free images for your blog. Following websites offer free copyright free images but with a author credit.

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • freeimages
  • unsplash


Canva is the industry leading designing and editing tools for newbies. Most of them are free in canva. Give a try. For few bucks you can get their premium features.

The images and banners on this site are made using canva.

To hire freelancers


Currently, fiverr is the best marketplace to recruit freelancers for any kind of tasks. You can find freelancers to do all your digital works. The fiverr give preference to their buyers but not seller on any dispute.

I hope you are now familiar with basic things on starting a football blog. I won’t say everyone can become pro after readind this blog post on How to start a football blog, it can take some time and efforts.

If you want to get your doubts cleared on how to start a football blog, ping me through the contact us page. I will answer each and every question if not within 2 or 3 days.


How much does it cost to start a football blog?

Starting a football blog costs only less than 50 USD for a basic blog and it can go up to 200 USD if you want to have interesting features that include plugins, themes, premium website hosting and freelancers.

Note: It costed me only 35 USD to start this blog.

How many contents should I publish on my new football blog?

There is no specific number of post you need to publish. Just be consistent even if you publish only one post per week.

What do I need to start a football blog?

You may need the following things to start a football blog.
1. Webhosting
2. Domain Name (Free Here:
3. Content Management System or CMS (Example: WordPress, Ghost)

How can I find freelance writers for my football blog?

There are various freelancing marketplace to hire freelance content writers for a football blog.

One such site is Fiverr. (Link:

How many people read football & fantasy football blogs?

My guess at least 5% of total football fans.
Total Football fans in the world – 3.5 billion fans.

How can I make money from a football blog?

One can make money through affiliate marketing and selling ad spaces. Find top companies that sell football accessories and join them as an affiliate and promote it on your blogs.

How do I find copyright-free images for my football blog?

The following sites allow users to download and use copyright-free images.
1. Pexels
2. Pixabay
3. Instagram embed

How can I bring traffic to my football related blogs?

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Social Media Optimization
3. Referral Traffic through Guest Posting
4. Paid Ads
5. Photo Sharing Sites
6. Email Marketing

What strategies should I follow to start my football (soccer) blog and get engaged readers?

Use API and display the live scores on your blog. This can help you to get returning users.

What are some good niche ideas for a blog about football?

1. Fantasy Football
2. Footballs stats and trends
3. Football accessories
4. Football Gossips