How To Get Paid Apps for free in a Google Play store?

How To Get Paid Apps for free in a Play store?

In this post, you will be getting to know How to get paid apps for free in a Play store? (This post is applicable only for Android users and not applicable to ios, Microsoft mobile phone users.)

I am writing this post on my own experience and I can assure this strategy will work only for subscriptions below $5 and it might vary from country to country.

If you are living in a tier 1 country, you can use this method for paid apps with a subscription limit between $5 to $25. (Actually, we can’t predict this in my opinion)

Let us see this method to Get Paid Apps for free.

There is an app Google Opinion Rewards, which offers you rewards for surveys answered by us. Unlike other surveying, sites you don’t need to answer tons and tons of surveys for few pennies. It’s enough to answer one or two surveys and you will get rewards for all the surveys which would appear on your screen (Interesting know).  This app offers rewards in terms of google play store subscriptions.

How to get paid apps for free

Yes, you can use these rewards to buy paid subscriptions for free and it can be anything like Hotstar subscription or your favorite gaming app. In case, if your subscription cost is more than the reward bonus points, you can still use these rewards and you can pay the remaining fee from your wallet or card.

To understand better (How to get paid apps for free) take this as an example.

Say you are going to buy a hotstar (Most popular paid app for live tv and pre-recorded shows), you need $15 to make a successful purchase but you are only having $5 on your Google Opinion Rewards account. In this case, you can pay $10 from your bank or wallet and use $5 from your Google Opinion Rewards.

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How to use Google Opinion Rewards?

  1. Just open your Play store and search for an app called Google Opinion Rewards.
  2. You will get a survey at regular intervals with a notification.
  3. All surveys which are answered by a user will be eligible for Rewards.
  4. At the time of buying a paid subscription, you will a tab separately showing you to select payment from Google Rewards balance. You can use this or leave this depending on your opinion.
  5. It takes a few days to get enough rewards.

Note: You cannot redeem it as real money through any online wallets.


Start earning the rewards now for future purchase. If you have any other doubts regarding the Google Opinion Rewards, just make a comment also share your experience in case if you are using this currently.










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